FFC School of Mixed Martial Arts
 FFC School of Mixed Martial Arts


USA Boxing certified Instructors and cirriculum

USA Certified

We provide a safe and engaging environment that will teach you the skillse needed to compete.


Learn a skill

Gain experience and learn a skill. This class can teach you the skills you need to defend yourself, box for fun or just get a great workout.


This class will challenge you mentally and physically. It will provide opportunity to learn self motivation, self confidence, discipline and determination. We encourage students to help each other in their pursuit of new skills, learning and encouragment. 

Boxing (USA)

We are a USA Boxing certified gym. Our instructors and  cirriculum are USA Boxing approved. We provide a safe and engaging environment to learn the skills required to box competitively, recreationaly or just to workout.


Mon & Wed 6:30 - 7:30


Odguar (Eddie) Quintana

Sheila Quintana


Student Instructors:

Chris Folkerts

Dan Brown

Tyler Pichler

Ryan Enck

Kerwin Sherrill



308 W. 3rd St

Suite 2

Grand Island, Ne





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